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Love it

Candle is just as awesome as expected. Very unique spiral and smells amazing! Going to get more as gifts.

Balsam & Cedar

The spiral portion of the candle doesn't last long enough for me. I could watch it for hours. That said, the rest of the candle lasts a long time and I love the scents


Absolutely love these candles. They are so unique and smell wonderful. They burn exactly as they are described.

Love these guys

I have purchased a few of the candles when you were at a craft event in Omaha. Love how they work and ordered 4 more. Haven't used the other ones yet but lit this one and the wick stopped burning about half way down. It won't discourage me from ordering more...the large wood center piece works just fine.

Smells wonderful! Perfect gift.

Discovered this candle in a gift shop in Leavenworth WA. Loved it so much I ordered several for gifts this year.

Great scent

Love the scent. Great idea of candle within a candle

Sea Glass

Very cool!

Love the smell

Love the idea of a candle within a candle

Great Candles

Originally bought one of the candles while on vacation in South Dakota, loved it, so bought more. Very different than on other candles-love it!

Amazing Support

The shipping company they have shipped to the wrong address but one of their helper employees got everything sorted out and helped me very professionally

Great Candles to Give and Receive!

I have given Spiral Candles as gifts many times, and the recpients always love the uniqueness. I honestly can't say one scent is bettter than another. They are all GREAT!


Love this new idea to candles! The smells fill my room and stay long after the candle gets blown out.

Oh my goodness!

I haven’t tried this candle yet, but the scent is so incredible I just had to leave a review right away. I will definitely be making future candle purchases from Spiral Light Candles. Thank you!


Love the fragrance of this candle and the amount of fragrance that fills the room. Plus, it is fun to watch!


This scent is absolutely amazing! Perfect for fall! I have three hurricanes I put two of these candles in with one of the cinnamon candles & my house smells phenomenal.

Nice color and aroma

Another good one for use anywhere in the house. It is relaxing, mesmerising to watch it burn. I will be ordering again.

You can't go wrong with this scent

I am saving this one for the holidays! So fun to watch them burn.

Love this scent and the unique candle

I was unsure of the scent when I ordered this candle, but I love it. It isba perfect candle for these fall days we are having.

Ah- mazing!!

I was introduced to these candles at the State Fair! I fell in love with the immediately. The cinnamon paired with the gingered pumpkin is the perfect combo for the fall. I love the way they burn!! Products came in a timely manner.

Cafe Mocha

I love the candle, great scent for fall! Such a fun concept

Not your traditional sugar cookie candle

I enjoyed watching this candle burn. I will be purchasing a scent for all the candle lovers and my neighbors in my life just for how fun it is to watch burn. I would purchase again but probably not for myself at this point. Only because out of all their scents they have on the market I would say none of them made me say I really have to have this. I purchased this for the novality effect even though I have a similar candle that burns in a spiral for the entire 40 to 100 hours instead of just 3. That being said I like the classic scented candles like vanilla, dessert, fall scented sweets and this one is the “sweetest” they have and it’s nothing like a classic sugar cookie or a true vanilla. I figured this candle would smell like fresh, baked, sugar cookies but to me it’s almost a little plastic like. (Unless mine is a dud.) Breaks my heart to say but it’s a little disappointing on that end. I own maybe over 100 candles and like to burn them everyday so hopefully they will come out with something I do enjoy soon because I want to keep supporting this local business! The owners are amazing and passionate about what they do so I am excited to see what they come up with next.

great scents

This candle has a gentle smell, I like a little more scent with the candles.

great scents

The candle smells great just sitting there, have not burned this scent yet, as will wait until fall.

great scents

The Lilac smells wonderful while burning.

What fun candles!!

I enjoyed watching this candle burn to the bottom using the spiral wick and now I am enjoying the wood wick part of the candle. The candle did spill outside instead of inside in one area during the spiral burn but really not much. The scent is awesome, not super strong nor barely there; it is perfect. Can't wait to share the other scents with the friends I bought them for.