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Wonderful scent!

Smells just as described. Excellent and unique combination of scents in a long lasting beautifully crafted candle full of spiraling glow.

Sea Glass
Enjoyed the concept

Zero problems w/order and shipping! Great follow

up too

We love these candles

They are creative, functional and smell great. I would definitely recommend.


This candle was so fun to watch burn and the smell was great! Everytime I walk into my room now it’s the first thing that I smell, even whenever it’s not burning!

Perfect gift

These candles are an amazing and simple solution to the annoyance of uneven and welled-out candle burning! Smelled amazing, no need for a candle plate since the wax all melts to the interior. All sizes were sold out so I bought a small, which was a bit too quick of a burn. Would spend the extra for a medium or large!

Best Candle Ever

Saw a video about these on tiktok figured I would order one and check it out and I’m not disappointed. Will definitely buy another!

Balsam & Cedar
Superb Candle

I bought the Balsam and Cedar and Smoke and Tobacco candles for my gf for Christmas and she loved it. The smell was so potent coming from the B and C candle. The S & T is still in the box and it smells SO good. Great product!!

Unique Gift

Great gift, delivery was timely and packaged properly. Very refreshing and light. My favorite scent!!

Sea Glass
Unique Gift

Great gift, delivery was timely and packaged properly. Smells like your at the sea!

Unique candle

Great scent but girlfriend thought it was a quick burner, would like to see more spirals or a slower burning wick in the spiral stage. Overall, well worth the price for the unique show.

Key Lime

Worked well, but I for some reason poked in the sides as I was worried it would fall. Don't do this, it needs the divet so the wax doesn't over flow once it has burned down past the spiral


great service, candles were Christmas presents they wre really liked by all great scents that last,during the whole burning time.

Key Lime
Christmas gift

I bought it as a gift for my mother and she loves it.

Perfect gift

Excellent gift idea, bought a bunch and gave them away. Love the unique approach to a candle - scents smell great. Buy with confidence!

Christmas presents

Bought the Twilight Wood for my daughter and my sister, both of whom are candle freaks. They both seemed extremely pleased. I'm kinda excited to watch it burn...

Cafe Mocha

Smell is great and looks awesome

Definitely buying more

Found out about spiral light candles by happenstance and now I'm hooked. The Pure Unscented candle looks good while burning (spiral or traditional pillar style) and gives off very little smoke. I purchased the small and now I can't wait until the larger sizes come back in stock.

My clients loved them as much as me!

I seen theses while on vacation ih WI. I bought one and fell in love a few minutes of lighting it. Sure is beautiful to watch. Igave some out as Christmas gifts to clients and family. They were a big hit!!
They are my new favorite!!


These candles are just okay, they are too expensive for the quality. The idea is cool and all but I can never actually smell the candle in my room

Love These Candles!

I just may be a bit addicted to these candles. The balsam & cedar scent was a perfect compliment to the Christmas tree and we had it burning all day. So glad these are back!

Twilight Woods Ecstacy

Gave my mother-in-law a spiral light for Christmas, and she lit it today. She’s gone over and watched it countless times in the last hour. I think it’s a winner. Plus it smells super nice. Thank you!

Unique candle

Unique way of burning the entire candle! Scents are pleasant. Well made. Customer service is respectful and quick. I recommend ordering this candle as you will be happy with the purchase.


Saw these on Imgur and thought "hey why not!?" Totally worth the impulse purchase!

Sea Glass
Great Gift

This was a great and unique gift. The scent was wonderful and envied by those who did not get one..... Guess ill be getting more. Great candles though

Smells great

My wife is a fan of all things that smell sweet or vanilla-like and she loves it. Only wish I could have gotten a larger size.